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Life In 'Cruces - Little Nicky

I said I would never buy another Volvo...but I just did! I just purchased a 2000 Volvo V70 XC Cross Country . It is all-wheel drive and perfect for going through the desert as well as all over New Mexico. It was an impulse buy because I was looking for a minivan, truck, or RV. This car popped up on Facebook Marketplace at a very good price. The car also has a tow package on can tow a travel trailer as well as use this vehicle as a work car instead of my Baby Volvo. I am pleased for the moment.  I do have to get some work done on it and of course, make it my mine. I have already got the tags and insurance on it. It is ready to hit the road after I get the timing belt done. The Volvo V70 XC is cute and I am naming it Little Nicky . It is a devilish big car. I am now ready to start travel trailer shopping. On the moving front, I am still sorting and packing. I am going to work on Job II in the morning and then come home and pack some more boxes. Welcome to MY SOON to be Li

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