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Life In 'Cruces – Jobs and My Future

OMG! I Have Six Months Left In Albuquerque!! Ohh...I am so not worried about a job in my future. I am fortunate I work two jobs. I can transfer with one of my jobs, the merchandising job, so I don't have to worry about having to find a job in my new city. I have already informed my second job that I need to transfer to the Las Cruces market. The area I will be covering includes Las Cruces, several small towns around Las Cruces as well as a few stores in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Check Out Alamogordo - My boss on the second job is so cool and she has already started my transfer process. My new boss is also cool. In addition, I have been hired by another merchandising company that I have worked for before. I am stepping out of office jobs for a minute. I want and need to work on my own and set my own hours. I so need a break from the 9 to 5. I am sick of opening an office, dealing with office folks, dealing with phones, invoicing, and other bullshit.

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