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Chalmette’s Onion & Chesse

Goody Goody Morning Soup

Corey’s Big Bad Breakfast Casserole

Nick’s “Heat Your Ass Up” Chicken Soup

Breedlove Cornish Hens

Bayou Baby

Rooty Beery

Herbie Herb

Nick’s Summer Kraut

Hamming the Hocks

Tippi’s Italian Treat

Satan’s Eggs

Luke's Olive Potatoes

Summer Cabernet On Central

Tangy Tangy

Lamby Lamb

Spiced 5.0

A Little Salmon Flying In the Sea

Summer’s Version of Eggnog

Blackberry Summer

Cool As SPAM

Morning Pick Me Up

I've Had Too Much Gin

Mofo on the Porch

Nick's Been Bad

Ernest’s Favorite

Whipped Crème

Cava On a Hot Day

SPAM Rolling Down the Road

Chard Is Calling

Watermelon Over the Moon

Vanilla, Vodka and Your Feet Up