Watermelon Over the Moon

1 large watermelon
Large knife
1 bottle Vodka
1 bottle watermelon extract
Plastic wrap

On a counter or table, place a watermelon upright and use a large knife to cut a medium-size hole into the watermelon. Cut as deep as you can into the watermelon. Toss out any removed rind and watermelon pieces. Insert a funnel into the hole and slowly pour a bottle of Vodka into the hole. Let the Vodka settle for 5 minutes. You may notice some Vodka escaping – this is OK. Slowly pour a bottle of watermelon extract into the hole. Cover the watermelon with plastic wrap. Refrigerate the watermelon overnight. When cutting the watermelon, cut from the top first and serve the top portion of the fruit and then the bottom portion.


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