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Mango Pride

A Little Campari For You!

Saute, Saute, Saute I Said!!

Pears Floating to the Tower

Chocolat Amour

Nick’s Little Meatballs

Sharp Noire

Shots, Shots and More Shots!!

Chateau on the Rhine

Salsa Eggs Over I-25

Watermelons Dancing By Civic Plaza

Nick's Plates Television - First Episode!!

Now This Is Hot

Bon Ton Ton

Girl This Chicken Is Good!

Steaky Steaky

Merlot on Laplace

Rue de Daiquiri

Santa Fe Drive

Dark Sausages Stalking Stacks of Cheese

Hot Rio Grande

Gatsby Drinking on Central

Saints, Sinners and Poppyseed – A Lite Summer Salad

Orange de Vodka for Luke!

Showstopper - You Gotto Eat lt!

PBR Dressing to Die For

Big Love Hot Dogs

London’s Crème de Cacao

Where to Buy

Baked Beans Dancing In PBR

PBR Green Chile

PBR Stuffed Clams

Pabst Gravy

Frozen PBR

Showstopper….Salsa PBR Fillets

Pines & PBR

Dijon From The Valley

Ice Cold PBR On A Summer Day

Nick's Plates Website

Old PBR Man

Sweet PBR Peppers

Baby Cookie Treat

Cool PBR Salad

Bell Avenue’s Chicken

Santa Fe Plaza Steak

Coming Soon...The Week of July 12th....Pabst Blue Ribbon Recipes!!

Silky Silk Silk

Cooler Kahlua

Summer Cheeses For a Warm Afternoon

Bryn Mawr’s Squid Over Rice

Nick's Plates Website!!

Hot Summer Watermelon

Green Chile Green Beans

Gene's Creole Green Beans

Memphis Catfish on the River