Summer Cheeses For a Warm Afternoon

1 package cake doilies
Large platter
1 lb blue cheese
1 lb herb-flavored goat cheese
1 lb Brie
1 lb goat milk Brie
1 lb Muenster cheese
4 cups green chile peppers – cut into strips
Fancy crackers
2 bottles Champagne
Champagne flutes

Place multiple cake doilies on a large platter. Arrange the doilies so they cover the entire platter. Cut the blue cheese and goat cheese into small cubes and arrange the cheeses on the outer part of the platter. Place the Brie in the center of the platter – leave the Brie unsliced. Cut the goat milk Brie into cubes and place the cubes around the Brie that is in the center of the platter. Slice the Muenster cheese into 1-inch strips and place the strips next to the cubed pieces of Brie. Top the cheeses on the platter with green chile peppers. Place an equal amount of fancy crackers on top of the peppers. So – your summer platter will consist of a top layer of crackers, a layer of green chile peppers and then a final layer of various cheeses. Serve the platter along with Champagne.


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