Nick’s Snails 2.0

36 snails – deshelled, rinsed and drained
2 cups butter
1 Tbsp garlic
1 cup fresh parsley – chopped
½ Tbsp black pepper
½ Tbsp Zatarain’s Seasoning
1 large bowl
1 large platter
1 loaf French bread
1 or 2 bottles white wine

In a skillet over “Medium” heat, combine the snails, butter and garlic. Stir the mixture continuously for 10 minutes. Blend in the parsley, black pepper and Zatarain’s Seasoning. Keep stirring the mixture until the snails start to open – about 15 to 20 minutes. Pour the snail mixture slowly into a large bowl. Place the bowl in the middle of a large platter. Cut a loaf of French bread into bite-size pieces and arrange the pieces around the large bowl on the platter. Enjoy this over the top meal with bottles of white wine. 


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