Outrageous Caramel Shooter

1 saucepan
1 bag (14 ounces) caramels - unwrapped
1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup butter – softened
2 cups brandy
½ cup pecans – chopped
1 large pitcher – freezer safe
Shot glasses

In a saucepan over “Low” heat, combine caramels, evaporated milk and butter. Stir the mixture until the caramels melt. Next, slowly blend brandy into the caramel mixture and stir for 5 minutes. Finally, add pecans to the mixture and stir for an additional 10 minutes. Pour the cocktail into a large freezer-safe pitcher. Freeze the cocktail for 15 minutes. Pour the cocktail into shot glasses and enjoy this outrageous shooter with your friends, family or lover!!


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