Luke's Winery Meatballs

1 crock-pot
8 lbs ground chuck – rolled into 3-inch balls
½ cup black pepper
1 Tbsp sea salt
4 cups honey
4 cups onion - chopped
2 cups cold water
4 cups red wine
Large bowls
3 cups shredded Le Châtelain Camembert cheese

In a crock-pot, place 3-inch meatballs, made out of 8 pounds of ground chuck, evenly in the appliance. If ground chuck is not available, use ground beef. Next, sprinkle sea salt over the meatballs and then pour 4 cups of honey over the meat. Lastly, pour 4 cups of chopped onions over the meatballs and then add cold water and red wine to the crock-pot. Plug in and turn on the appliance. Set the crock-pot's control to “High” and let the dish cook for 2 hours. Once the cooking process is complete, transfer the meatballs to large bowls. Top each bowl evenly with 3 cups of shredded Le Châtelain Camembert cheese. Enjoy!!


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