Turkey Salted and Rolled

1 large platter
4 lbs sliced turkey
4 Tbsp black pepper
3 tsp sea salt
4 cups cream cheese – soften
3 cups peanuts – salted and chopped
2 cups apples - chopped

On a large platter, lay 4 pounds of sliced turkey in multiple rows on the platter's surface. Sprinkle black pepper on the slices and then sprinkle sea salt over the black pepper. Next, evenly pour soften cream cheese onto the turkey slices. Use a knife to spread the cream cheese to cover the slices. Lastly, sprinkle chopped peanuts and chopped apples on top of the cream cheese and then roll each turkey slice into a tight roll. Refrigerate the turkey rolls for 30 minutes. Serve the rolls with your favorite side dish.


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