Beans to Die With and For

1 large pot
1 lb kidney beans – soaked for 24 hours and washed
Cold water
5 Serrano peppers – chopped
5 Habanero peppers – chopped
1 cup shallots – chopped
2 cups onions – chopped
3 garlic cloves – minced
5 cups jalapenos – chopped
2 Tbsp sea salt
4 Tbsp black pepper
Large bowl

In a large pot over “Low” heat, combine kidney beans and enough water to cover the beans. Cook the beans for 3 hours – adding water when needed. Do not exceed the 3-hour limit. Once the time limit is met, blend Serrano and Habanero peppers into the beans. Stir the ingredients thoroughly and then add shallots, onions, cloves and jalapenos to the beans. Next, increase your stove's heat to “High” and let the beans come to a boil as the ingredients blend together. Stir the mixture as the ingredients are boiling and then let the beans cook for an additional 30 minutes. Finally, add sea salt and black pepper to the beans. Stir the mixture until well blended and then turn off your stove's heat. Let the beans rest for 15 minutes before transferring them into a large bowl. Enjoy!


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