Hot Italian Patio Bites Handed From the Gods

1 large platter
2 boxes Good Thins crackers
2 lb Emmental cheese – sliced into 2-inch cubes
1 jar Aioli
2 lb Capocollo hot Italian meat – thinly sliced – cubed
1 jar mint jelly – warmed
3 or 4 bottles white wine

On a large platter, evenly arrange Good Thins crackers until the platter is fully covered and then top each cracker with a slice of Emmental cheese. Next, place a teaspoon of Aioli on top of each cheese slice and then place a slice of Capocollo hot Italian meat on top of the Aioli. Lastly, top each hors-d'oeuvre with a teaspoon of mint jelly and a cracker. Serve these hearty bites with 3 or 4 bottles of your favorite white wine. Enjoy!!


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