Time to Pair This Cheese and Wine

1 large fancy platter
6 large wine glasses
4 bottles white wine - chilled
3 boxes fancy crackers
2 lbs Gruyere – cubed
1 lb Brie – sliced
2 lbs Camembert – cubed
1 lb green olives - whole
1 lb black olives – whole
1 lb Gorgonzola - shredded
2 packages fancy napkins

To start, place a large fancy platter in the center of a table or countertop and then arrange 6 large wine glasses around the platter. Next, fill each glass with 4 bottles of your favorite white wine and then place 3 boxes of fancy crackers evenly on the platter. Place a cube of Gruyere cheese on a third of the crackers and then place a piece of sliced Brie on a third of the crackers on the platter. Place Camembert on the last third of the remaining crackers. Top each cracker/cheese group with 1 green olive and 1 black olive. Lastly, sprinkle shredded Gorgonzola on top of dish and then arrange 2 packages of fancy napkins around the platter. Enjoy!!


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