Mascarpone 2.566

1 tall glass
½ cup strawberries – washed and halved
1 Tbsp Mascarpone
½ cup blueberries – washed
1 Tbsp Mascarpone
½ cup chocolate chips
1 Tbsp Mascarpone
½ cup blackberries
1 Tbsp Mascarpone
1 Tbsp whipped topping
1 Tbsp chocolate syrup

In a tall glass, layer strawberries first and then Mascarpone, blueberries, Mascarpone, chocolate chips, Mascarpone and blackberries. Next, add a layer of Mascarpone on top of the blackberries and then a later of whipped topping. Lastly, top the treat with a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Chill the treat for 10 minutes and then enjoy!!


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