Nick's Sunday Sampling

12 wine glasses
3 bottles Chardonnay – different bottles you haven't tasted
3 bottles Pinot Noir – different bottles you haven't tasted
3 bottles Syrah – different bottles you haven't tasted
1 platter
1 box fancy crackers
1 pitcher cold water
3 small water glasses

Sampling new wines is always a fun adventure and you are about to have some drunk fun! To start, fill 3 wine glasses with ½ cup of Chardonnay from 3 different bottles. Place each bottle next to the collection of glasses containing each specific wine. Next, on a platter, arrange 1 box of fancy crackers and then drink each glass of wine. Clean your palate with cold water after each tasting and then decide which one you like the best. Lastly, have a cracker or two before repeating the above process for the Pinot Noir and Syrah. Once you select the wines you like, visit your local winery, wine store, grocery or other outlet and buy TONS of wine!!


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