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Nick's Oils and More Oils

2 cups olive oil ½ cup vegetable oil 1 Tbsp black pepper 1 Tbsp lemon pepper 1 lemon – peeled and chopped ½ cup crushed red pepper flakes Plastic container
In a blender, combine olive oil, vegetable oil, black pepper and lemon pepper. Blend on “Low” for 2 minutes and then blend chopped lemon and crushed red pepper flakes into the mixture. Blend on “Low” for 3 minutes and then transfer the dressing into a plastic container. Use this dressing over EVERYTHING!!

Sun Burgers for Someday

1 large bowl 2 lbs ground chuck or ground beef 2 cups walnuts – chopped ½ cup basil ½ cup black pepper 3 cups sun-dried tomatoes 1 Tbsp garlic powder 1 Tbsp coarse salt ½ cup soy sauce 1 frying pan
In a large bowl, combine ground chuck/beef, chopped walnuts, basil and black pepper. Blend the ingredients with your hand until well blended. Next, blend sun-dried tomatoes, garlic powder, coarse salt and soy sauce into the mixture. Blend the ingredients thoroughly and then portion the mixture into burgers. Fry the burgers in a pan over “Medium” heat until done – medium rare or well done. Enjoy these burgers with beer or wine.

Luke's Cabernet Steak and Mingle

1 large baking dish Cooking spray 2 white onions – sliced 2 large ribeye steaks – fat removed (if any) and at room temperature ½ cup black pepper 2 scallions – chopped 2 bottles Cellar No 8 Cabernet Favorite salad
To start, preheat your oven to 325 degrees F and then spray a large baking dish with a layer of cooking spray. Next, place 2 sliced white onions on the bottom of the dish and then place 2 large ribeye steaks in the center of the dish. Sprinkle the steaks with black pepper and chopped scallions. Lastly, pour 1 bottle of Cellar No 8 Cabernet on the side of the steaks. Place the baking dish in your oven and let the steaks cook for 20 minutes. Let the steaks rest for 8 minutes before serving them with your favorite salad and another bottle of Cellar No 8 Cabernet.

ChocoMilk With the Quickness

2 cups chocolate milk 1 Tbsp mint – ground 1 shot glass Whiskey ½ cup chocolate candies 2 ice cubes Tall glass

In a blender, combine chocolate milk, mint and Whiskey. Blend on “Low” for 1 minute and then blend chocolate candies and ice cubes into the cocktail. Blend on “Low” for 2 minutes and then serve this drink in a tall glass.

Nick's Dippy Dip Dip

1 container chocolate frosting 1 large bowl 2 cups chopped almonds ½ cup chopped fresh mint ½ cup Whiskey ½ pack Oreo cookies Red wine
To start, heat 1 container of chocolate frosting in your microwave for 1 minute and then transfer the frosting into a large bowl. Next, blend chopped almonds, fresh mint and your favorite Whiskey into the frosting. Stir the ingredients thoroughly and then heat the mixture for 1 minute. Lastly, dip Oreo cookies into the mixture and enjoy this treat while sipping red wine!

Friday's Lover or Friend

2 large wine glasses 6 jumbo shrimps 2 cups Whiskey 6 green olives - pitted 2 cups lobster meat – cooked

In two large wine glasses, place 3 shrimps in each glass and then pour 1 cup of your favorite Whiskey into each glass. Next, add 3 green olives to each glass and then top each glass with 1 cup of cooked lobster meat. Chill the glasses for 20 minutes and then enjoy these cold treats with your lover or friend

Olive Love 2.09

1 large glass bottle with pour lid 2 cups olive juice – from green olives 2 cups chopped green olives ½ cup chopped onions 1 Tbsp black pepper 1 Tbsp sea salt 1 tsp Gin
In a large glass bottle, combine olive juice, chopped olives, onions and black pepper. Place a pour lid on the bottle and shake the ingredients thoroughly. Next, remove the bottle's lid and blend sea salt into the dressing. Place the lid back on the bottle and shake the ingredients for 1 minute. Chill the dressing for 30 minutes and then use the dressing over your favorite dish.

Nick's Vine Teq Tea

1 large pitcher 10 ice cubes 4 cups Tequila 3 cups oranges – diced 1 bottle commercial sweet tea Large glasses

In a large pitcher, combine ice cubes, Tequila, oranges and sweet tea. Stir the ingredients thoroughly and then chill the mixture for 30 minutes. Serve this sweet cocktail in large glasses.

Nick's Pre-Holiday Cleanse

1 large pot 2 onions – chopped 2 cups apple cider vinegar 2 green bell peppers – chopped 1 Tbsp black pepper 1 cup cold water 1 lemon – peeled and chopped 1 large coffee cup
In a large pot over “Medium” heat, combine onions, apple cider vinegar and green bell peppers. Bring the ingredients to a boil and then blend black pepper, cold water and lemon into the mixture. Stir the ingredients for 10 minutes and then pour the drink into a large coffee cup. Make and drink this mixture for 7 days to regulate your body for the holidays.