For Mother's – A Little Merlot!!

2 cups olive oil
1 large skillet
3 T-bone steaks – cubed
3 Tbsp black pepper
3 bottles Merlot – chilled
3 cups white onions – chopped
Large platter
Merlot – chilled
French bread

To start, heat 2 cups of olive oil in a large skillet over “Medium” heat and then fry cubed T-bone steaks and black pepper. Once the steaks are starting to brown, drain any excess olive oil from the skillet and then add 2 bottles of chilled Merlot and 2 cups of chopped white onions to the skillet. Lastly, saute the ingredients until the onions are tender and then transfer the dish to a large platter. Serve this dish with 1 or 2 bottles of chilled Merlot and French bread. Enjoy!!


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