Union Station Eggs

1 stick butter
1 slow cooker – Crock*Pot or similar device
4 Tbsp black pepper
2 Tbsp sea salt
4 cups green onions – chopped
4 cups red bell peppers – chopped
1 cup evaporated milk
12 eggs
4 cups Cheddar cheese
4 cups Swiss cheese
½ cup hot sauce

To start, in a slow cooker, rub the bottom of the device with 1 stick of butter and then add black pepper, sea salt, green onions, red bell peppers and evaporated milk to the appliance. Stir the mixture gently for 1 minute and then add 12 eggs to the mixture. Next, gently stir the ingredients until well blended and then add Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese and hot sauce to the mixture. Lastly, place a lid on the appliance and set the slow cooker's dial to “Low.” Let the dish cook for 2 hours and then serve immediately with coffee or tea. Enjoy!!


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