Dollhouse Dish

6 cups water
1 large soup pot
3 lbs pork tenderloin - cubed
½ cup black pepper
4 packs frozen mixed vegetables
1 cup vegetable soup
1 Tbsp sea salt
3 lbs shrimp – frozen or freeze – cleaned and peeled
Fancy bowls or large tea cups

To begin the Dollhouse Dish, pour 6 cups of water into a large soup pot and heat the water over “Medium” heat for 30 minutes. Next, add cubed pork tenderloin, black pepper, frozen mixed vegetables and 1 cup of vegetable soup to the water. Stir the ingredients regularly as the mixture is cooking. Let the soup cook on “Medium” for 2 hours and then add sea salt and shrimp to the soup. Let the ingredients cook for an additional hour and then stir the soup thoroughly for 5 minutes. Lastly, serve this Dollhouse Dish in fancy bowls or large tea cups – top each bowl of soup with 2 to 3 croutons. Enjoy!!


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