The Summer Charcuterie Board to End All Charcuterie Boards

1 very large platter or very large charcuterie board
1 box fancy crackers
1 lb Cheddar cheese – sliced
1 lb Muenster cheese – sliced
1 lb Salami – sliced
1 lb ham – sliced
1 lb bacon
1 lb smoked salmon
1 medium-sized ramekin of green olives
1 medium-sized ramekin of black olives
1 medium-sized ramekin of spicy mustard
1 medium-sized ramekin of zesty mayo
1 lb fresh Mozzarella – sliced
1 lb Colby-Jack cheese – sliced
1 lb roast beef – sliced
1 lb Cajun beef – sliced
Bottles of Champagne or high quality white wine

Summer is moving along nicely and now it is time to enjoy the charcuterie board of your dreams. To start, on a very large platter or commercial charcuterie board, arrange fancy crackers every 8 inches around the platter/board. Next, place 1 lb each of the following ingredients 8 inches apart: Cheddar cheese, Muenster cheese, Salami, ham, bacon and smoked salmon. Next, between the above ingredients, place the following items: ramekin of green olives, ramekin of black olives, ramekin of spicy mustard and then a ramekin of zesty mayo. Finally, place the following items on the platter/board to close up any gaps: fresh Mozzarella, Colby-Jack cheese, roast beef and Cajun beef. Your platter/charcuterie board should be full but ingredients should not be too close. Now, enjoy this summer treat along with bottles of Champagne or high quality white wine.

Happy Summer!!



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