Luke's August Dip for Today

1 cup evaporated milk
1 Tbsp black pepper
2 lbs Colby-Jack cheese - cubed
1 lb blue cheese – cubed
1 large saucepan
1 jar Kalamata olives – chopped
1 package dried Italian seasoning
1 Tbsp dried crushed red pepper
1 large bowl

To make this hot dip, start by blending evaporated milk, black pepper, cubed Colby-Jack cheese and cubed blue cheese together in a large saucepan and then heat the mixture over “Medium” heat. Stir the dip until the ingredients are well blended. Next, add chopped Kalamata olives, dried Italian seasoning and dried crushed red pepper to the dip. Continue stirring the dip until the mixture is smooth and well blended – about 15 minutes. Lastly, transfer the dip into a large bowl and serve this treat with chips and beer. Enjoy!!


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