Nick's Plates University - Nick's Smash Chicken

What You Need:

1 large bowl
½ cup black pepper
½ cup olive oil
1 cup soy sauce
2 lb chicken breast – cubed and flatten out
3 garlic cloves – smashed
2 cups yellow onion – minced
2 cups breadcrumbs
½ package taco seasoning
1 baking dish
1 cup white wine – sweet or dry
1 cup cold water
White wine
Rosemary or garlic bread


To start, preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Next, in a large bowl, combine black pepper, olive oil and soy sauce. Stir the ingredients thoroughly and then add 2 pounds of flatten cubed chicken breast (use a meat mallet to flatten the chicken) to the mixture. 

Just Doing It:

Use your hands to work the mixture into the chicken breast and then add smashed garlic cloves, yellow onion and breadcrumbs to the mixture. Once again, use your hands to work the mixture into the chicken – the breadcrumbs and other ingredients should completely cover the chicken breast.


Lastly, sprinkle taco seasoning over the mixture and then transfer the coated chicken onto a baking dish. Add white wine and cold water slowly to one side of the dish – do not pour the liquids directly on top of the chicken. Bake this dish for 25 minutes or until the chicken's internal temperature is 180 degrees F. 


Serve this dish with plenty of white wine and rosemary or garlic bread. 



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