Luke's Little Turkey Rollups

Cooking spray
1 baking sheet
2 packs crescent rolls
½ cup butter – soften
2 lbs turkey breast – cooked
4 cups jalapeno peppers – chopped
3 cups Cheddar cheese
3 cups Mozzarella cheese
Black pepper

To start, preheat hour oven to 375 degrees F and then apply a thin layer of cooking spray onto a baking sheet. Next, unroll 2 packs of crescent rolls onto the baking sheet. Spread soften butter over the rolls and then layer an even amount of turkey breast, jalapeno peppers and Cheddar cheese over the crescent rolls. Close each roll. Lastly, sprinkle an even amount of Mozzarella cheese and black pepper over the rolls. Place the baking sheet in your oven and bake until the rolls are golden brown – about 10 minutes. Enjoy!!


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