Nick's Onions, Onions and Eggs

1 large bowl
5 large eggs
2 cups white onion – chopped
1 cup yellow onion – chopped
2 Tbsp black pepper
1 cup Rotel
1 large frying pan
1 tsp cooking oil
Favorite cocktail

Time for some onions and eggs. To start, in a large bowl, combine eggs, chopped white and yellow onions, black pepper and Rotel. Next, stir the mixture until well blended and then sit the bowl to the side. Lastly, in a large frying plan, heat 1 teaspoon of cooking oil over “High.” Once the oil starts to pop, pour the egg mixture in the pan and stir the ingredients gently to keep the mixture from sticking. Fry until the mixture is completely done. Serve this dish with plenty of toast and your favorite cocktail.


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