Grapes For Your Cheese

1 fancy platter
2 lbs white grapes
2 cups white cheese - cubed
2 lbs dark grapes
2 cups yellow cheese – cubed
2 cups green olives
2 cups goat cheese – cubed
2 cups feta cheese – crumbles
2 cups black olives
White wine
Red wine

You need a cheese board – because it is Sunday!!!

On a fancy platter, arrange one section with white grapes and then immediately arrange white cheese next to the grapes. Next, arrange dark grapes on the platter and bump yellow cheese against the grapes. Next up, arrange green olives and then goat cheese against the ingredients already on the platter. Your next cheese is feta cheese crumbles. Lastly, arrange black olives next to the feta cheese crumbles. Serve this platter with plenty of white and red wine!!



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