Spicy Is Spicy and It Will Be Spicy

5 cups watermelon – cubed
1 cup Rum
1 Tbsp black pepper
Large plastic container with lid
3 cups honeydew melon – cubed
1 tsp white sugar
Lime zest – from 1 lime
3 sprigs fresh mint – minced
Fancy bowls

Are you ready for spicy fruit?

To start, combine cubed watermelon, Rum and black pepper in a large plastic container. Stir the ingredients gently to infuse the Rum into the watermelon. Next, add honeydew melon, white sugar, lime zest and fresh mint to the fruit mixture. Stir the mixture gently until well blended and then refrigerate the fruit dish for 30 minutes.

This spicy fruit looks good in fancy bowls.



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