Nick's Plates Presents “Every Pound Soup”

Large stock pot
6 cups chicken or beef stock
1 lb celery – chopped
1 lb tomatoes – chopped
1 lb white cabbage – chopped
½ cup white pepper
½ cup fresh garlic – minced
1 lb white onion – chopped
½ cup fresh dill – diced
2 tsp astragalus root powder
1 cup black tea - brewed

Are you ready for some healthy soup?

In a large stock pot over “Medium” heat, combine chicken or beef stock, celery, tomatoes, white cabbage, and white pepper. Let the mixture cook for 25 minutes. Next, add fresh garlic, white onion, fresh dill, and astragalus root powder to the soup. Let the soup cook for an additional 30 minutes – stir the soup periodically during the cooking process. Lastly, reduce your stove's heat to “Low” and then slowly add a cup of brewed black tea to the soup – stirring the mixture the entire time you are adding the tea. Let the soup cook for an additional 10 minutes and then serve while hot.


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