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Cocoa Chocolaty Cocoa

1 scoop cocoa mix 2 Tbsp peanut butter - softened 1 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 cup vanilla yogurt 5 ice cubes
In a blender combine cocoa mix, peanut butter, walnuts, and strawberries. Blend on “Low” for 3 minutes and then shut off your blender. Next, transfer the mixture to a large glass or two small glasses. Lastly, in the blender, combine vanilla yogurt and ice cubes. Blend on “High” for 3 minutes. Top the large glass or small glasses with the yogurt mixture. Serve immediately.

Nick's Pot 'o Cabbage and Chicken

Slow cooker or pressure cooker 1 head cabbage – washed and cut in half 1 lb chicken breast – washed and cut in half 4 Tbsp olive oil 2 Tbsp red peppercorn 2 Tbsp salted butter 1 clove garlic – minced 2 cups mushrooms – chopped 1 tsp thyme 1 cup dry white wine Cold water Beer Side dishes
In a slow cooker, combine a head of cabbage, chicken breast, olive oil, and red peppercorn. Stir the ingredients slowly in the device to coat the cabbage and chicken with olive oil. Next, top the mixture with salted butter, minced garlic, mushrooms, thyme, and dry white wine. Lastly, fill the device with cold water up to the “Max Fill” or similar wording line (if your slower cooker doesn't have this line, fill with enough water to cover the ingredients). Set the device on “Low” and let the dish cook for six hours.
Enjoy this dish with your favorite beer and side dishes.

Nick's Pickled Pickled

2 bunches broccoli stems – washed and chopped 2 cucumbers – peeled and sliced Large Mason Jar 2 cups apple cider vinegar 2 Tbsp black pepper 8 ounces of kale – washed and chopped
2 stalks of celery – washed and chopped
½ cup lemon juice
White vinegar
1 tsp of turmeric powder

To start, combine broccoli stems and cucumbers in a large Mason Jar. Next, add apple cider vinegar, black pepper, kale, celery, lemon juice to the jar. Place a lid on the jar and shake the jar slowly for 3 minutes to mix the ingredients. Lastly, open the jar and top off the ingredients with white vinegar and turmeric powder. DO NOT run the jar over with vinegar though. Place a lid on the jar and refrigerate the mixture for 24 hours before using over your favorite salad or meat dish.

Hot Hot, Hot Fudge

Double boiler with water 4 cups fudge topping ½ cut roasted almonds 1 cup heavy whipping cream Fancy cups Vanilla ice cream – softened Chocolate syrup 2 cups walnuts – chopped 1 jar marshmallow cream Chocolate liqueur
Time to fudge!
In a double boiler over “Low” heat, combine fudge topping, roasted almonds and heavy whipping cream. Stir the ingredients slowly until the fudge is well blended with the whipping cream. Once the heating process is complete, about 8 minutes, pour the mixture evenly into multiple fancy cups. Next, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to each cup and then top the ice cream with a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Lastly, top each fancy cup with chopped walnuts, a spoonful of marshmallow cream, and a teaspoon of chocolate liqueur.

Nick's Seasoned Meal for Two

Large skillet 1 Tbsp unsalted butter 1 lb pancetta 1 cup chopped onion 1 Tbsp garlic powder 1 cup chopped green bell peppers 1 cup Rotel or similar tomatoes/peppers blend 1 cup dry red wine Precooked rice
It is time to cook!!
In a large skillet over “High” heat, combine unsalted butter and pancetta. Fry the pancetta until almost done – about 4 minutes for both sides. Once the pancetta is done, reduce your stove's heat to “Medium” and then add chopped onion, garlic powder, chopped green bell peppers, and one can of Rotel. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the bell peppers are tender. Lastly, add dry red wine to the mixture and then slowly blend pre-cooked rice into the pancetta mixture. Let the dish simmer on your stove for 10 minutes and then serve immediately.