These Loins...So Many Loins

Slow cooker
2 cups pineapple - crushed
½ bottle red wine
1 pork tenderloin – any size – cut into large chucks
1 beef tenderloin - any size – cut into large chucks
2 cups fresh bacon crumbles (fry before making this dish)
1 Tbsp chili pepper
2 cups white onion - chopped
2 cups green onion – chopped
Red wine

In a slow cooker on “Medium”, combine crushed pineapple, red wine, pork and beef tenderloin chucks. Slowly stir the ingredients to coat the meat with red wine. Next, add bacon crumbles, chili pepper and chopped onions to the cooker. Place a lid on the device and let the mixture cook for 2 hours. Serve this dish with your favorite sides and lots of red wine.



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