Nick's Plates Presents "Life In 'Cruces" – My Birthday Week is the week of August 3rd - 8th – My Birthday Week. I am taking off starting Thursday and I am so excited. I need this break so much! I have worked myself silly this year. Rona did not give me a break – I still had to work through all of the shutdowns, change in hours, and other drama. I work for a private agency that stayed open. I am glad the agency stayed open, but it has been hard.

I am going to Las Cruces for my birthday and start getting ready for my 2021 move. I am going to check out areas to live, check out retail space for my future projects, and check out restaurants to blog about. I am going to take plenty of pictures and of course blog everything. I am also going to rest and reset my mind and soul.

I only have two more days to work and I can't wait to be free from the job and from ABQ for a few days.

As I write this tonight...I am listening to The Motels and sipping red wine. A cool breeze is coming in my window. I love August nights – some are cool and some are hot.

Welcome to My Soon to Be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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