Goodbye to Nick's Plates BUT Hello to Life In 'Cruces

After 5+ years of Nick's Plates, I am shutting down the site and converting the blog to Life In 'Cruces – my journey to living in Las Cruces, NM. I will be documenting my move to the little city in southern New Mexico, my days after I move, my life in Dona Ana and Luna County, and my adventures in Southwest America. 

I haven't had a blog all about ME in over a decade and I am ready! Nick's Plates was fun and the dishes were yummy, but it is time to move on! I am moving on in so many areas of my life and I want you to keep up with all of my adventures. 

So...check out my new blog WEEKLY for updates, photos, videos, and more!!

Moving is in the air!!

Nick's Plates will end on December 31st - so check out the recipes and take a walk down memory lane.


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