Life In 'Cruces – Wrapping Up 2020

What a year!! I did get a lot done though!!

OK...I ain't even going to rant about 2020. I am only going to list the good things I loved about this year:

  • I paid off a lot of bills including FOUR major bills.

  • I got a few repairs done on my Baby Volvo including the interior, struts, door repair, and tires.

  • I had a great birthday in Las Cruces -

  • I started preparing for my move to Las Cruces.

  • I got a lot of expenses paid related to my property in California.

  • I made a major investment in Southern New Mexico.

  • I had a great semester at DACC - and I am looking forward to taking a class or two next fall.

  • I accomplished over FIVE items on my 2020 Vision Board

  • I made my 2021 Vision Board.

  • I built a Linux system.

  • I did a lot of work on my memoir, Auburndale Place.

  • I have 2021 planned out.

  • I started packing up my apartment using totes instead of boxes.

  • I retired Nick's Place and created Life In 'Cruces.

  • Lastly, I survived 2020!

It is now the week of Christmas and I am going to relax and enjoy the holiday in peace.

Welcome to MY Life In ‘Cruces!!


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