Life In 'Cruces – Crushing Bills

I Crushed BILLS Today!

I didn't pay off a bill today...BUT I paid a lot of bills including toward old credit cards, current credit cards, loans, and general household bills. My Goal is to be debt free by August 2021. I have been debt free before and I LOVED IT!

The key to CRUSHING BILLS is to figure out how many bills you have, the balances, and then to start paying off the lowest bill first. Do not try to pay off all of your bills at once. Pay off one bill at a time and do not use that credit card or line of credit again. Close the account, if you desire.

The next step to CRUSHING BILLS - pay more than the minimum payment due on the bill. If possible, pay at least $50 more than the minimum amount. This will help lower the bill's balance as well as lower your interest rate on the bill.

Next, pay your self – pay at least 20 percent of your salary to your savings account. If you don't have a savings account, open one at your local bank or via online. There are several online banking services available that have no or little fees for opening an account.

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Once you start paying off your bills, use cash instead of credit. Cash is easier to use while you are paying off your bills. Also, if you don't have the cash for something – you can't buy it.

While you are CRUSHING BILLS – try to reduce impulse buys like coffee, drinks out, fast food, etc. Instead of impulse buys, deposit that money in your savings account or use that money to pay on a debit.

Lastly, close credit cards you don't use or need. Don't worry about this action lowering your credit score – your credit score will bounce back. Also, don't worry about your credit score - it will climb as you pay off bills and pay down balances.

I only have a few bills to pay off and no balance is great than $2,500. I can't wait to be free of debit and I can't wait to start MY Life In ‘Cruces!!

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