Life In 'Cruces – Jan 2021 Recap

Goodbye January and Hello February!!

This month has been long, good, busy, and overall productive. I got a few things done like getting the car's emission check done (for the last time since I am moving to a county that doesn't require all that mess), I got my car tags, and I managed to save a lot of money. I saved money by not buying wine, beer, fast food, and lunches out. I went from spending about a $1,000 a month to only spending $500 this month. YEAH ME!

I was only able to pay off one bill though – the taxes on my California land. I am happy about that one bill! But I wanted to pay off more bills.

I must say that I CRUSHED IT on the money saving part this month. I am even shocked at my ability to save money. I usually run through money like it is water. One little trick I am doing is saving cash in envelopes that I keep hidden. I label each envelope with what the money is for – like car repairs, moving expenses, etc. I am also saving money in three separate bank accounts. To learn more about the money envelope system, Click Here.

Now...on to other overall attitude this month has been good. I am happy with my diet/wellness, happy working two jobs, happy with what is to come, and happy with CRUSHING multiple things at once. I am even happy that I only owe the IRS $500 some odd dollars in taxes for 2020. I am glad it is not more! is time for some Q & A:

How I am feeling about February?

I am feeling excited for the next month. I am ready to start walking DAILY. To learn more about DAILY walking – check out - Get walking with this 12-week walking schedule.

I am also ready to do more things I haven't done like learning new trades and learning new computer programs.

Next two-week plans?
Pay off at least one bill and transfer more videotapes into my computer. I am also going to work on my book.

What am I not going to do in February?
I am not celebrating that day on the 14th of February. I am also not going to mention that day.

Monthly goals?

Cut expenses even more
Save a bucket full of money
Pay off at least 2 bills
Sock away money for the IRS
Stay focused on my diet/wellness

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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