Life In 'Cruces – What I Am Packing

I Started Packing in 2020! 

I have already started packing for my July 2021 move to Las Cruces. I started last year and I am overly excited. I am using totes instead of boxes. I can get more in totes and the contents of the totes remain dry and clean. I learned from my last move in 2016 that boxes are a pain, costly if you buy them, and they don't hold a lot. Boxes also fall apart even after taping them. I am packing anything and everything I am not currently using including vintage computers and electronics, wine glasses and bar accessories, odds and ends, clothing I cannot wear, paperwork that is deemed as “stored”, Christmas items, decorative items, kitchen items I am not using, and patio items I am not displaying.

I am labeling each tote with a computer-generated label designating the location the tote should be placed in my next place. I like everything labeled so totes don't end up in the wrong room or area. I am moving myself – I don't use a moving service because I don't want anyone else touching my stuff.

I am placing my things in storage starting in May. After everything is moved, I can take my time sorting and moving things into my next place. Some of the totes will remain in storage – Christmas stuff, items I am not going to use yet, etc.

I loved that I started packing early because I have sooo much to pack. I got a lot of stuff packed this month. I CRUSHED that goal!

I am going into February with the plan to sort and purge as much as possible. Then I am going to start back packing and labeling totes.

Welcome to MY soon to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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