Life In 'Cruces – February 14th!

I am not even going to mention the holiday.

I am going to enjoy this Sunday and Monday because I am having my first Diva Days of 2021. Diva Day is a celebration of one's self. It is a self-care day. In January, I was too busy to schedule a Diva Day. February, so far, has been relaxing. I am sure it will become busy after February 15th.

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My Diva Day is this Sunday, February 14th. I am also having another Diva Day on Monday, February 15th. I deserve TWO Diva Days.

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I am making a Crockpot of chili...mmmm. Of course no Diva Day is complete without wine and cocktails. I am also going to watch all of my favorite TV shows. The weather is going to be bad and I have no plans on leaving my apartment.

Click Here for Crockpot Chili Receipes!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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