Life In 'Cruces – Taxes and Beyond

I have for the last few years worried about filing taxes!

I used to have a small business that offset my taxes and that was great. I used to deduct everything from my cell phone to my home office. Now, I work two jobs and I don't pay estimated taxes anymore. I am going to rework my taxes after I move to Las Cruces.

After my move, I am going to do the following:

  • Pay estimated taxes in September and in December

  • Form a sole proprietorship

  • Keep track of business expenses

Did I pay back this year? Yes, but I am lucky I only had to pay back $589.00. I am lucky I could deduct student loan interest and the tuition I paid to Dona Anna Community College. I am also lucky I was able to pay my taxes due online using is an IRS-authorized service that allows you to pay your taxes without the hassle of a cashier check or money order. I was able to pay it using my debit card and it was processed immediately. I definitely did not want to mail my payment – I don't trust USPS.

So, now I can again focus on my move to Las Cruces. On a happy note, I am getting a state refund of $189.00. That little change is going in my move fund.

I am happy that tax season for me is DONE and PAID!!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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