Life In 'Cruces – Counting Down the Days

On the path to move, refresh MY life, travel and live MY life!

March was a productive month. Before it ended, I got my storage unit in Las Cruces paid for through the end of May. I got a really good deal on the unit and it is at the same place I am dropping off the U-Haul truck at. I am going to pay the storage up for the remainder of 2021 and take my time moving stuff out of it. I am in no rush to unpack all of this stuff. I have been looking at this stuff for the last 12 years – no biggie!!

On the packing front, I still have a lot more sorting and packing to do. It is time to kick it into high gear now. It will be July in no time. Yes, I am still collecting boxes/totes. You can never have too many boxes and totes. 

I want to start on the dining room closet this weekend. It is loaded with mostly junk.

MovingTips: Checklists for Packing and Moving Out 

On the job front, I start my third job fully on Thursday, April 8th. It is going to be an adventure and I am looking forward to saving money from this job. You can never have too much money!! LOL!!

On life, I have so many irons in the fire and I will keep you guys up to date as things progress. April kicked off BUSY as ever. I love busy though and CRUSHING things.

As I mentioned last week, the new Life In 'Cruces website is coming soon! I can't wait.

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Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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